Valentin PV*SOL Premium Solar Design Software

Design PV Systems quickly & with precision.

3D planning, yield simulation and comprehensive reports for professional quotes.

All in one software.

What is PV*SOL?

PV*SOL and PV*SOL Premium are the industry-leading software design tools for simulating photovoltaic system performance. They are both full-featured programs with the difference being that PV*SOL Premium allows you to use 3D to model shading and visualise landscapes.

With PV*SOL Premium you can design a PV system in as little as 30 minutes and produce comprehensive reports for yourself and your client.

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The PV*SOL software has been constantly optimised since 1998 and is at the cutting edge of the PV software market. This solar design software will not only help make solar design easier, it will make your design more precise, comprehensive and understandable to the client.

PV*SOL and PV*SOL Premium enable the planning of photovoltaic systems for very different system types – from a rooftop installation on a small family home to a large PV plant with up to 1,000 modules.

System designers are supported by clear step-by-step user guidance, constantly updated databases of climate and insolation data, as well as the data available on the market for modules and inverters.

The program gives system designers concrete configuration recommendations, but always allows the free configuration of the components.

The detailed project report generated presents the results clearly and thus provides useful support in reaching convincing decisions for all those involved in the implementation of the solar system.

Accurate Predictions

Make better design decisions based on intelligent simulation models of your PV solar system

Detailed proposals

Help clients and partners understand the specifics of their solar installation with appealing professional reports

Financial forecasting

Incorporate financial incentives and complex tariff structures resulting in better financial planning

Current databases

Make use of a comprehensive up-to-date online product database. Access data records on over 21,000 PV modules, 5,100 inverters, 1,900 battery systems and more.

Professional schematics and reports in minutes with PV*SOL premium

Professional schematics and reports in minutes with PV*SOL premium

How does PV*SOL help your business?

All-in-one software

PV*SOL Premium 3D PV system simulation software gives even the smallest one-man business the power of a dedicated engineering, costing and procurement team. Combine all these tasks into one precise and streamlined process using this amazing design software.

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Accurate results

Take the guesswork out of your designs and streamline repetitive tasks with access to historical location-specific climate data, preset or custom electricity tariff tables, and a massive global database of system components, from PV modules to inverters.

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Powerful reports

Once you’re done, present clients with a deal-clinching proposal that speaks their language and includes graphic information, real images, comprehensive technical data as well as financial results such as individual costs, credit, taxes, incentives and payback periods.

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Features and Benefits

  • Design of grid-connected systems with full feed-in or net metering
  • Determination of the possible number of modules based on a digital photo (Photo Plan)
  • Freely-configurable roof forms
  • Design of mounted systems with any orientation
  • Interactive climate data selection from the climate database with over 8,000 global data records
  • Entry of the displacement factor (cos phi) for the provision of reactive power
  • Presentation of the configuration plan
  • Financial analysis
  • Presentation of all simulation results in a detailed project report as a compelling basis for decision-making for designers, building owners/developers and financers

Predict yield with detailed 3D Shading Analysis

Extrude buildings from floor plans, cadastral maps and map screenshots.

Import complex Time of Use (TOU) and inclined block tariffs

Who uses PV*SOL?

PV*SOL is the preferred simulation software of some of the world’s biggest and most innovative solar companies as well as smaller solar businesses. Here is some feedback from solar installers experienced in using the software in projects big and small.

PV*SOL is a very powerful and user-friendly solar PV simulation tool. We use it to compile a professional proposal which includes 3D shading analysis, financials, solar PV panel layout, PV string, wiring layout, Bill of Materials and many other aspects into one report. We would highly recommend PV*SOL.

Nicolaas Faure van Schalkwyk

Energy Research Engineer at SUNCybernetics
I like a lot of the PV*SOL features and I am still learning how to use 3D design and the Off-Grid with battery system features.

Barnie Engelbrecht

Business owner at Atlantic Solar Namibia
Peak Power Solutions see the power and functionality of PV*SOL as a powerful advantage in winning advanced Renewable Energy deals. The graphical representation, financial modelling and comprehensive reporting are components that make or break advanced Renewable Energy deals, and with PV*SOL all these are at your fingertips.

Willem van Schalkwyk

Managing Director Peak Power Solutions

What does it cost?

A single full licence of either PV*SOL or PV*SOL Premium includes lifetime unrestricted use, and 6 months software maintenance and support. You also have the option to sign-up for the annual software maintenance package, to ensure your designs benefit from the many new features, optimized algorithms and overall higher state-of-the-art technology. We offer outright purchases as well as financing options.


PV*SOL 2023 – R19 690 (excl. VAT)

Single user license incl. 6 months of software maintenance

PV*SOL premium 2024: R28 490 (excl. VAT)

Single user license incl. 6 months of software maintenance.

Free Trial

• PV*SOL premium 2024
• Free 30-Day trial
• All features, including 3D and 2D shading analysis
• Access to full database of products

What’s the difference between PV*SOL and PV*SOL premium?

PriceR28 490 ex VATR19 690 ex VAT
Grid Connected and AC-coupled Off-Grid Systems with storage
Storage Systems
Electric Car Option
PV tracking systems and floating PV
Comprehensive component database and Meteonorm Climate Data
Feasibility with Feed-In and Net-Metering Tarrifs
Regular Database Updates *

* active maintenance required

* active maintenance required
Choice of predefined or custom load profiles. Import and combine load profiles
Detailed Project Report
2D Roof Visualization
3D Visualization and Yield Simulation
3D Shading Analysis
Import 3D Files from CAD Programs, Maps and Ground Plans
Financing now available. We offer operating rental financing for PV*SOL premium over 12 months.

Financing now available. We offer operating rental financing for PV*SOL premium over 12 months.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often may the programme be installed?

The number of possible installations corresponds to the number of licenses you have purchased. For example, if you have purchased one single-user license, you can install the program on one workstation.

What are the system requirements to run PV*SOL and PV*SOL Premium?

These are the current system requirements. For updates please visit Valentin Software’s product page for more information.

PV*SOL premium
Internet Access: Necessary
Processor: Intel i3 or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB
Hard Disk Drive: 850 MB
Monitor Resolution: at least 1.024 x 768 pixel
Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7 (latest service packs each), Windows 8, Windows 10
Graphics: DirectX- compatible (at least Vers. 9.0c), 1 GB, OpenGL – Support
Other: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 Redistributable Package

Internet Access: Necessary
Processor: 1,5 GHz Pentium PC
Memory: 3 GB
Hard Disk Drive: 800 MB
Monitor Resolution: at least 1.024 x 768 pixel
Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7 (latest service packs each), Windows 8, Windows 10
Graphics: DirectX- compatible (at least Vers. 9.0c), 128 MB, OpenGL – Support
Other: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 Redistributable Package

Can I run PV*SOL and PV*SOL Premium on Apple Mac computers or Linux systems?

Valentin software is developed to run on Windows operating systems. Additional software is required, such as VMWare or VirtualPC, in order to use Valentin programs on a Mac or with Linux.

Please note that Valentin Software don’t provide support for Mac or Linux installations but we are aware of many users who use this method. To establish compatibility prior to purchase of a licence, we encourage you to request your 2-week free trial of the PV*SOL Premium software. CLICK HERE

What capabilities and limitations do the demo versions have?

2-Week obligation-free demo / trial / test versions can be downloaded from our website – click here for demos. You will have access to all the program components and features except the customer report creation. You can use the program help to obtain an overview of the content and capabilities of the program.

After the trial period has expired, you will no longer have access to the program and you will need to ask us to quote for a full license.

Can I use my own company logo in the project report?

Yes, you can import the desired logo directly into the program project report options. Alternatively, the report can be exported into Microsoft Word and further customised there.

How do I transfer my PV*SOL or PV*SOL Premium license to another computer?

You may wish to transfer a license because:

You have a new PC
Change of user
Hard drive replacement of existing PC
Hard drive reformatting of existing PC

When you made the original full installation you were ultimately asked to activate the program. Activation generates a unique keycode for each installation. You will not be able to make a second full installation of a license by simply copying the same original activation keycode (even if you try to install it on the same computer). You will however need the longer serial number and ideally this should first be recorded possibly via a screenshot of the original installation under the Menu > Help > Registration. Alternatively the original email you received with the license serial number will be required.

Before you can make a transfer, you will first need to de-activate the original install – this is different from simply deleting it. In any case you may wish to first back-up and make copies of your saved projects. You also may wish to export some program settings. Requesting a license re-activation will discontinue support of the original (current) installation. It is therefore not a facility for attempting to duplicate licenses and you should only request reactivation if you wish to transfer the license from one computer to another.

a) Program versions 2019 onwards allow self-deactivation providing the old computer is online. Use Main Menu > Help > Registration > Change Registration to do this. Then the license number can be used on another computer. This is limited to twice a year.

b) Where self-deactivation is not possible CLICK HERE to request a reactivation

After the request is sent you will eventually receive an email with a download link. Ensure this is the correct trial version to be installed on the target computer you wish to transfer to and check as far as possible that it functions correctly in trial mode. If you wish urgently use or transfer a current program (i.e. not a legacy program) the current trial versions can be quickly obtained via the Contact Us page. For legacy transfer requests we will first check if you are eligible for an update.

NOTE: You will need to uninstall the original program from your PC before being able to make the new installation. Please let us know if you are unable to do this (e.g. because of theft or damage to the original PC). You should give a reason in the box titled ‘Reason for reactivating’ on the form. Re-activation requests without deleting the original can take much longer to complete. If you wish to copy over your PV*SOL custom settings to your new computer, please first follow this link.

Please note: Old serial numbers that have already been updated cannot be re-activated. Instead you should use the new serial number that was sent as the replacement.

Can licenses be loaded centrally on our company server?

Single-user licenses are intended for use on an individual workstation. This means there cannot be simultaneous access to projects from other machines. However, the program on each workstation can be set so its databases and projects are stored at a single server location, hence allowing sequential access to stored projects by other licensed holders.

To note saved projects contain all the necessary design data so it is possible to store the active projects folder via a server. The default for this can be set via Main Menu > ‘Options’ > ‘Program Options’

Saved projects can only be sequentially accessed by users, and not simultaneously i.e. not in parallel.

Remote access to a licensed machine such as via VPN and Windows RDA is often feasible but not fully supported.

Why do I need the annual maintenance plan?

To keep PV*SOL® always up-to-date, we recommend considering our software maintenance, which includes:

  • Electronic delivery of updates, i.e. of program changes within a program variant of a software program to a higher program version,
  • Access to renewed component data, i.e. to updated data records stored in the software program relating to the products used (e.g. PV Modules, Inverters, etc),
  • Answering technical questions by telephone/e-mail as well as general questions about the delivery, the serial numbers and the activation of the software program(s) and the updates as well as the possibility to access the component data.
PV*SOL premium delivers detailed financial modelling that helps you seal the deal.

PV*SOL premium delivers detailed financial modelling that helps you seal the deal.


Who are the people behind PV*SOL?

PV*SOL and PV*SOL Premium were developed by Valentin Software, which was established in Germany in 1988 by Dr. Ing. Gerhard Valentin. The company has gone on to become the worldwide leading provider in innovative planning software for sustainable energy supply.

Currently Valentin Software GmbH is led by the managing director Mr. Steffen Lindemann.

While the company is based in Germany, they have customers around the world in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.


Dr. Ing. Gerhard Valentin

Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Valentin is the founder of Valentin Software GmbH. He was one of the first in his field to create groundbreaking software like PV*SOL. Software developed to create precise simulations, not just solve calculations. Now Valentin Software provides four different types of software and is working to live up to the legacy of their founder.

Nicola Rosenkranz

Managing Director Valentin Software GmbH
Nicola Rosenkranz has worked in international business development functions for more than 20 years, including 11 years in the renewable energy industry with a focus on photovoltaics. She is an experienced program and project manager, with a holistic skillset, and brings classic as well as agile management methods to Valentin ...
Alex photo 1

Alex Hattingh

Valentin Software Salesperson in South Africa
Alex Hattingh is the Senior Marketing Manager at GREEN Solar Academy and is the official Salesperson of PV*SOL and PV*SOL premium in South Africa. If you are interested in purchasing either of these products or want more information Alex would be eager to assist you.

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